Black Friday Special: 40% off Website Management Plans.

40% off expert protection from hackers, security problems, slow or broken pages and outdated content with active management of your Wordpress website.
19 Nov, 2018

40% off listed price for 12 months on all Website Management Plans.


Do you have a WordPress website? Do you love it or hate it?

Chances are, whatever you answered,  unless you are a geek you probably don’t particularly enjoy maintaining it.

  • Does the relentless need to update, patch and review settings bore you rigid?
  • Do you worry about security or losing the site to hackers or malware?
  • Do you know you should really monitor your website for availability or performance?
  • Could your customers know your site had a problem before you did?
  • Do you wish you could call on a developer whenever you need to make those little changes – and get help, not a quote?

Would you rather spend your precious time working on your business, not your website?

If you answered yes to any of these then we have something you might be very interested in…..

Website management plans that take care of all these things and more.

We’ve been investing in the geeky talent, tools, and processes the last 3 years to create a clear and simple service to allow us to actively manage your website.

To let you up to do better things with your time.

Like serving your customers. Or freeing up your evenings and weekends.

Our plans come with:

  • Active maintenance schedules for updates of WordPress and plugins
  • A password protected staging site, cloned overnight from Live for testing updates, features and website changes
  • Hosting, SSL certificates and backups
  • Priority development support time included (30/60min) – just submit your requests to the ServiceDesk
  • Security scanning and website hardening
  • Availability and performance monitoring
  • Pay monthly and cancel whenever you want


40% off all plans for 12m until Tuesday. Meaning you can relax knowing your website is being managed from £12/mo

Why not make your website one less thing in your business to worry about from just £12/mo.

There’s no lock-in or restrictions and you can cancel at any time.

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