Our Approach

How we keep organised and deliver consistency

Managing dozens of websites and web development tasks daily with a team and client base spread across multiple timezones relies on close collaboration and organisation.  Here’s a few of our favourite remote working tools and techniques we use to deliver for our clients each day.


Keeping track of requests is key so we use a web-based ServiceDesk which you can use to connect with our team via email or a web portal for a one-stop shop for all things GorillaHub.


Chat and Video

With our team spread across multiple locations we use real-time group chat and video calls using Slack and Google Hangouts.  It’s faster than email.


Daily Briefing

The Tech Services Team has a video meeting every morning to review overnight activity, flag any issues on managed websites and schedule requests for the day.


Kanban Boards

We use Kanban Boards to plan and review progress of development projects.  Kanban is a great way to share both planned and work in progress.  Our tool of choice is Trello.


Gitlab Code Repository

This tool allows us our technical team to manage and test website changes by storing copies of code in a central repository and apply it to staging and live websites.  We use the popular open-source Gitlab repository.


Browser & Device Testing

Having a website work perfectly across the wide range of browsers, devices and screen sizes can be a challenge; to help us we use the fantastic BrowserStack to test on a range of real devices and browsers to easily spot issues.