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WordPress Staging Websites and automation

This year we’ve been investing in our tools and methods to better serve our managed clients. One of our biggest enhancements is in automated cloning for WordPress Staging Websites.
The same reason many website owners avoid (and many developers don’t offer website maintenance) is because it takes a lot of time and effort to do it properly.  Of course, you can set your website to update automatically but this can result in your website breaking due to any number of issues or compatibility problems with WordPress, the website theme, plugins and custom code.

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Cookies and GDPR

As we count down to May 25th website owners across the UK are looking at their websites, privacy policies and consent mechanisms.  One area at risk of being overlooked is the humble cookie – so it’s time to take a look at cookies and how they are affected by GDPR.  In this article, we are going to take a closer look at Cookies and the compliance requirements within the GDPR.

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Tips for First-Time Website Theme Users

A WordPress website theme is one of those words that, along with "plugin", can evoke an involuntary shudder from many a website owner.  It may not come as a surprise but for those who are uninitiated, a website theme is not exactly ‘plug and play’, despite what the...

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6 advantages of a WordPress theme for your small business website

One of the most powerful features of Wordpress (alongside plugins) is the ability to install a pre-built WordPress theme to change the look and operation of your website.  This has been one of the big factors in why WordPress runs on millions of websites and is the most popular choice for self-hosted websites.

Using customisable themes isn’t a new thing but with cleaner, simpler designs for mobile they make a compelling argument over a custom website.  Of course, they are not for every business  There might still be a need for custom website (a design built entirely from scratch) but for those who want a fast and cost-effective solution, using themed templates are the way to go.

As a small business owner, opting to use a template might be more beneficial. What are the benefits though and what do you get for your money?

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How to make a WordPress small business website

Being the world's most popular website content management system (CMS),  many small businesses use WordPress as their go-to platform for their website.  The power of plugins and open-source licencing has created a vast and rich ecosystem to allow for almost anything...

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8 Important Factors That Affect Your SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential for any small business owner.  SEO works to make your website become more effective at promoting your products or services by ensuring its visibility in search results.  Whether it's for your restaurant business or hosting...

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Why You Need an HTTPS Website in 2018

Have you come across websites showing as ‘unsecured’ in your browser? Is your own small business website ‘unsecured? What do these things mean and why should you care about your website’s security and why you need an HTTPS website in 2018.

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