We are hiring: Systems Engineer

Join the team and help take care of our Linux servers, management tools and in-house automation solutions.
14 Dec, 2018

Join our team and get stuck into some super cool tech and ideas.


We have an immediate vacancy for a full-time (30-40 hrs/week) systems administrator/developer.

As a Systems Engineer, you will help take care of our Linux servers, management tools and in-house automation solutions.  You must be proficient in Python scripting.

You can be based anywhere apart from Europe, USA & Australia.


Do you have?

  • Strong Python scripting experience
  • The ability to administer a Linux server
  • Mastery of WordPress management (Divi experience a bonus)
  • Some familiarity with Node.js & NPM
  • Conversational level English

Are you able to?

  • Work remotely and unsupervised using assigned tasks lists/project plans
  • Effectively collaborate using communication tools such as Video Chat and Slack messaging
  • Estimate and track delivery deadlines

Are you interested in?

  • Joining a UK based development agency as an Associate, on a monthly salary
  • 2 weeks paid holiday a year
  • Flexible working hours to take advantage of timezone differences
  • Learning new skills and working across a range of technologies
  • Helping to build cool solutions such as data management, automation and information dashboards


If so then apply by emailing a cover note (Subject: I want to be a Gorilla) detailing:

  • Why you think you are a great fit
  • Relevant experience and achievements
  • Salary required
  • Current employment status / commitments


Attach a PDF copy of your resume and please email to jobs@gorillahub.net with the subject line of Systems Developer.

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Join the GorillaHub team

We are hiring: Systems Developer

Join the team and help take care of our Linux servers, management tools and in-house automation solutions.

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