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Does your website serve your business?

Modern business is digital.  Your potential customers are looking for you online.  When they find you they expect to find what they need to about your business easily.  Some will not choose you if they cannot engage with you online.

Google report that 48% of customers search for the products they buy on mobile first and a third of people use a mobile as their primary way to access the internet.  57% of all mobile users will not recommend a business if their mobile website is poorly designed or unresponsive.

A modern and mobile website is the essential foundation for your business.  

How can it help you find and better serve your customers?  

Each stage of your growth requires a different approach to be successful and it’s easy to become overwhelmed.  The trick is to think about 3 different areas- we’ve been delivering technology transformation for 20 years within a range of industries, based on 3 clear focus areas.



If your business website stopped working or was hacked or defaced right now would you know what to do? 

Is your site security being monitored and maintained?  Are there problems with your site already?

One business owner came to us with a slow running website and on investigation we found it had been hacked that 50% of new visitors from his Google ads were being redirected to a fake Ray Ban sunglasses site in China.  For over 12 months he had been paying to promote someone else’s business.

This is why stabilising things is crucial before looking to other things.


You might have a website but don’t update it.  Customer enquiries may go unanswered because you need them routed to an email group.  Or you cannot tell where your visitors are coming from and what they are looking for. 

Ensuring consistency is an important area of your business, both online and within your core business.  Processes and templates are one of the key tools to help with this.


You have a good mobile site that is secure and aligned to your business.  Now we need to look at how you can accelerate your business digitally.

Is paid ads the right approach?  Or maybe it’s email marketing fits your business better.  What about social media?  Facebook ads? Ecommerce? Blogging?

It’s easy to become overwhelmed which is why we believe in picking one thing that will “move the needle” the most and focus on refining that before trying something new.

To understand the impact of changes measurement of some key business metrics is critical.

Growth brings new challenges and opportunities and your business will be able to easily adapt to meet them.

How can we help?

We’ve been delivering technology transformation for 20 years within a range of industries based on these ideas and designed services to help in each area.

Website Management

Our website management plans are designed to provide the monitoring and active maintenance needed to prevent problems.  Rapid website recovery from backups will get you back online in the event of hacking.

Development time is included for regular changes and fixes.  From £20 / month

  • Monthly Plans – no upfront costs
  • Development time included for changes and fixes
  • WordPress maintenance with security, performance monitoring and reporting
  • Staging website for changes and testing to protect your live site
  • Managed WordPress hosting and daily backups

Mobile Websites

We have developed 2 plans to get you a new, modern, mobile website faster than ever before with the option to pay monthly for 12 months.  From £50 / month

  • Pay monthly for 12 months
  • Fully managed websites with hosting, management and support included
  • Design templates allow rapid delivery
  • Add features such as eCommerce, membership sites and systems integration
  • Built on WordPress so you own the site

Who we work with

Our customers come in all sizes.  From solo entrepreneurs to dozens of small businesses, agencies and multi-million-pound organisations.  All of them trust us to take care of their online assets as their digital partner.

Get a FREE website healthcheck

Get your personal assessment and PDF report on your business website security, performance & SEO.
  • WordPress security hardening
  • Known software vulnerabilities
  • HTTP / SSL check
  • Homepage load time & page size
  • Google Page Speed Insights
  • Accessibility, Marketing & SEO scores
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Google Analytics installation


Post-Brexit GDPR, data privacy and cookie management
The UK has now left the European Union. Has anything changed regarding GDPR, PECR and data privacy? What might happen over the coming 12 months and do you understand what is required of a business owner?
Service Disruption: Server availability issues, no customer website impact
We have an ongoing issue with one of our cloud providers currently. Customer websites are unaffected.

Website Management

Does worrying about hacking, defacement, security problems, updates, malware, website availability and performance sap your time and energy away from more important things?  Let us take care of it from £30 a month

Website Plans

We’ve created our plans to give established and growing businesses a fresh new site, fully managed and hosted with development time included each month for ongoing changes for a fixed monthly price for 12 months.


When you need help the most, we’re there for you. Unlike a freelancer, we can be relied on to answer the phone or read your requests. Unlike some other agencies, we charge by the minute, not the hour.