We’re hiring: PHP / WordPress developer needed

We’re hiring: PHP / WordPress developer needed

Come join the team and develop more than just websites

We are expanding our team due to growth and have an immediate vacancy for a full-time (30-40 hrs/week) PHP / WordPress developer.   You can be based anywhere (excluding Europe and USA)


Do you have?

  • 2 years PHP development experience
  • Control over WordPress (management, optimisation)
  • Divi experience a bonus
  • Conversational level English


Are you able to?

  • Work remotely and unsupervised using assigned tasks lists/project plans
  • Effectively collaborate using Video Chat and Slack
  • Estimate and track delivery deadlines


Are you interested in?

  • Joining a UK based development agency as an Associate, on a monthly salary
  • 2 weeks paid holiday a year
  • Flexible working hours to take full advantage of timezone differences
  • Learning new skills and working across a range of technologies


If so then apply by emailing a cover note (subject: I want to be a Gorilla) detailing:

  • why you think you are a great fit
  • relevant experience and achievements
  • salary required
  • current employment status / comittments
  • samples of your work (4 sites minimum)

Attach a PDF copy of your resume and email to [email protected]

How to make a WordPress small business website

How to make a WordPress small business website

Being the world’s most popular website content management system (CMS),  many small businesses use WordPress as their go-to platform for their website.  The power of plugins and open-source licencing has created a vast and rich ecosystem to allow for almost anything to be easily built.

In this short article, we’ll go through essentials of what you need to know to create a WordPress small business website.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system that allows you to create and manage your website online.  It’s easy to use and offers an impressive library of plug-ins that add functionality to the websites being created.  From simple blogs to full-blown e-commerce sites, any scenario you can think of could be built using a combination of plugins and custom development.


Name your website and choose your hosting

WordPress needs to be hosted and installed on a server for it work. Now is a good time to search for reliable web hosting services.  This is an area it’s best to pay a little bit more for – slow hosting will kill your site.  We use and recommend SiteGround.


Build your WordPress small business website using custom design or a pre-built theme?

Once you’ve chosen a web hosting service, the next thing to do is start building your website.  You can create the website from scratch (custom design) or you can use many of themes for WordPress.

If you have no coding knowledge, you can hire a web designer / developer to create the site for you.  As a bespoke offering this can take a while and prices may vary depending on the complexity of your site and its design.

If you opt to use themes, you can download and install it in less than an hour and you’ll have a working website. However, it’s always best to edit the theme you just installed to give it a little personal flair – or hire a developer to do this for you.


Extend your website’s functionality by adding plugins

Plugins are what make WordPress websites work efficiently. There are plugins that help with loading speeds. Some help you create contact forms. Other plugins add new functions to your website.

Installing a plugin is very easy. You can search for plugins within WordPress itself and install from there.

Quick tip: Keep a list of features you want your website to have. Use that to guide you on your plugin search.


What’s next?

At this stage, you already have a working website but it’s far from finished. In fact, it’s just the beginning.  You need to manage the site and its plugins, make sure that it is updated regularly.  WordPress security is dependant on you keeping your site updated.   Think about SEO and content to increase traffic, too.

Tomorrow we’ll talk more about using WordPress themes to create your small business website.

Relax this Christmas, we have your small business website support covered

Relax this Christmas, we have your small business website support covered

So that’s the year nearly done

We hope its been a successful one for you as you start to think about winding down and enjoying the holidays. While you might shut down, you won’t want your business website to, but relax. We have your back.

We are very excited about 2018 and bringing out some new services specifically designed for small businesses. We’ll let you know more soon.


Support coverage

As you’d expect with Gorillas based in multiple countries, we don’t have a shutdown period as such but please bear in mind we do take some well-earned time off during the festive period. Support clients will be covered as normal. Submit any requests via email as usual (while we are happy to work on your site on Christmas Day, we can’t offer turkey cooking advice I’m afraid 🙂


Development Projects

Clients with development projects scheduled over the period will have had their individal plans communicated already by their project lead.


Last-minute work next week

If you are anything like us, you still have some things to get done next week. Running out of time? – we can help out up until the 22nd December to give you a bit more time for shopping (or the pub).


So all that leaves is to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas from all of us at GorillaHub and we look forward to continuing to support your business in 2018.

Website Management

Does worrying about hacking, defacement, security problems, updates, malware, website availability and performance sap your time and energy away from more important things?  Let us take care of it from £30 a month

Website Plans

We’ve created our plans to give established and growing businesses a fresh new site, fully managed and hosted with development time included each month for ongoing changes for a fixed monthly price for 12 months.


When you need help the most, we’re there for you. Unlike a freelancer, we can be relied on to answer the phone or read your requests.

Unlike some other agencies, we charge by the minute, not the hour.