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We are GorillaHub, a digital agency delivering results through strategy, creative design, websites and digital platforms

We help businesses successfully reach their target audience with our full-stack digital services

Digital Strategy

We develop Digital Strategies that support business growth through focused objectives and structured activity plans that provide maximum return on investment.

We work closely with Marketing, Technology & Leadership Teams seeking competitive advantage and optimised performance from digital platforms.

Graphic Design

We bring your vision to life. Our designers are passionate about creating everything from memorable corporate branding to print for brochures and exhibitions.

Whether for a business start-up or existing brand, our creative team inspire and provoke thought with their ideas.

Business Websites

We build websites tailored to your business, from basic marketing sites through to advanced system integrations and e-commerce.

Our designers can help bring your vision to reality and once launched, we will manage your site to reduce the risks of outages, security and performance problems.

Web Development

Our Technical Consultants advise customers on delivering services through cost-effective integration of Open Source and OTS (off the shelf) solutions.

We provide development services for minor works such as website updates through to product enhancements for advanced environments such as customer portals.

Content & SEO

We create Content Marketing programmes that generate, nurture and convert leads. Producing campaign material can be challenging, however, done professionally the rewards can be huge.

We improve and maintain website visibility and drive conversions with expert SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Managed & White Label Services

All our services can be white-labelled for agencies and technology companies seeking a cost-effective, efficient and alternative model to permanent staff, contractors and freelancers.

We have been providing Consultancy, Development and Technical Managed Services to other companies for over 10 years.

Our approach


We don’t believe in simply telling our Customers what should they do because no one knows a business better than those who live and breath it on a daily basis. We firmly believe in a collaborative working approach that takes the very best of the Customers knowledge and combines it with our expertise in the digital space.

Our Consultants and Specialists have expertise and experience in the delivery of major works from creating Digital Strategies to implementing Technology & Business Transformation Programmes.


With a clear understanding of your requirement, our dedicated team focus on the delivery of the core objectives and help drive your project to achieve a successful outcome.  Of course, we understand the many challenges faced trying to run your business day to day alongside activities such as implementing your digital marketing strategy, launching a new website or digital solution.

We know that finding time to write content for social media can seem an impossibility with everything else that demands your attention. This is why we introduce structure and realistic targets to overcome these hurdles. You’ll hear us talk about MVP (Minimum Viable Product) as we question what exactly is needed to launch in a timely manner so you can start generating a return on your investment or enter a market sector.


Gut instinct is usually what got you started, it felt like the right thing to do so you trusted that feeling and you went for it. But now you need to know if it worked, should you do more or less of something to improve performance or expand the opportunity. As the old saying goes, if you can’t measure it then you can’t manage it and that is certainly very true when venturing into the digital space.

We’ve always been proud of our ability to capture, report and analyse key data that helps our Customers change direction or make the right decisions on their business journey. From Executive Management briefings to Service Delivery Dashboard Reporting we have the skills and experience to help you get the very best from the information available to you.

About us

Graham Jones, Managing Director

Graham is our chief Gorilla and the driving force behind GorillaHub, responsible for the overall company management, finance, sales and account management.

Having worked for major organisations such as British Airways, Intel Online Services, Barclays and Santander, Graham has a wealth of experience in the delivery of successful global brands.

Graham is passionate about helping businesses maximise their potential through the use of digital services and takes care to ensure our services exceed expectations.

Craig Harffey, Technical Director

Keeping the machine running is the responsibility of Craig, our techy gorilla. He looks after all things technical including infrastructure, systems automation, platforms and applications.

Craig is a specialist in process engineering and reporting and uses this to create a number of technology solutions to improve service delivery and website security and management.

Prior to starting his own businesses, Craig has held various operations management positions in hosting / data centres, managed services and IT support over the last 20 years.

Our clients

While they range in size from publicly listed right down to startups, they all share the same vision and requirements for service delivery and reliability.

Business Services
Consumer Markets
Real Estate

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